Shaoxing RossEnce Material technology joined AMI Long Fibre Thermoplastics 2017 conference, Technical director Jeff Sun gave the speech of “Case study – application of low-warpage LFT in automotive instrument panel (IP) carrier”
Column:Company news Time:2017-11-23

Long-FibreThermoplastics 2017, AMI's two-day conference on LFT technologies and applications, was taking place on 7-8 November 2017 in Cologne, Germany.  Leading experts examined the latest developments in materials, production techniques and end-use applications which are driving growth in LFT composites.

LFTs combine high strength with low weight, making them an attractive alternative to metals and to more expensive polymers. Expert speakers covered the latest applications of LFTs in the automotive industry, which remains the dominant end-use market, and in non-automotive sectors where the material’s high-performance properties are driving rapid growth.

The conference covered advances in reinforcing fibres, coupling agents and composites formulation, plus new developments in LFT production and processing techniques designed to promote fibreadhesion, retain fibrelength, increase throughput and improve finished part quality. In addition to two days of conference sessions, the event featured a focused table-top exhibition and provided plenty of networking opportunities, including coffee breaks, lunches and an evening cocktail reception.

Long-FibreThermoplastics 2017 provided the perfect forum to discover new technologies, and market opportunities. Leading players from throughout the supply chain attended to explore the future of LFTs.